Welcome to Stride Together

Productivity, One Step At A Time.

What is this all about?

Stride Together helps overwhelmed and overcommitted moms spend more quality time with their family without feeling pulled in too many directions so they can have a sense of control over their days without guilt or chaos.

We discuss the invisible and mental labor of being a mom and how to take steps to change it in our lives. 

We talk about how to prioritize the task lists, build routines and systems, and feel more proactive. 

I hope you join me on this journey toward peace and accomplishment. I think it's worth it and I know your future self will thank you!

What's in it for me?

Support. Accountability. Ideas. 

This is not one more thing for you to do! Or to fail at. 

It’s a place for you to know you are not alone. To have a community of moms who have been there or are in the middle of it with you! 

With weekly group calls on various topics related to invisible labor and productivity, you’ll receive the support you desire to move away from stress and chaos and toward a sense of control. 

Do you answer yes to any of these questions?

  1. Feel pulled in too many directions? No more days of too many tasks on that list. You know what your priorities are and how to approach each day, no matter what it throws at you.

  2. Think there’s not enough time to do it all? Create time to spend with your family and on yourself. Watch a movie? Yes please! Spend a weekend away with friends? Heck yes! Know things are getting done and create time for fun too. 

  3. Grumbled at that work project your boss just gave you? You know how to break it down into small steps that are achievable. You’re ahead of the game now! 

  4. Tired of all the activities? You were just asked to be on the PTA. Your kids just asked to join yet another sport. You know if it fits in with your life and whether it’s a heck yes from the beginning. 

  5. Is life constantly throwing changes your way? You got this! You know how to evaluate what’s working and what’s not and shift routines and systems as needed.

This is the place for you if are ready to:

  • Learn how to prioritize what to do each day. Know where to start when that list is long and everything seems urgent.

  • Be proactive! No more spinning your wheels or putting out fires every day.

  • Get your family involved! You’re a team!

  • Try new things when it comes to how you spend your days. Everyone is different and not everything works for every person. But when you try new things, change happens!

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